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Web Application Penetration Testing

We all make complete assessments based on all known other vulnerabilities.

Why you need a complete Web Application Assessment?

Hackers use various means to steal sensitive information from your company. If your network includes a host with possible vulnerabilities, then it can be exploited by an attacker. The hackers can perform various damages to your organization through capturing sensitive data, changing certain parameters in your database, possibly affecting the operational performance of your servers to disrupt normal service and even make your servers become unavailable to your customers. The best mean of ensuring business continuity and preserver customer satisfaction is to ensure your servers does not have any vulnerabilities and are protected from external attacks.

How our testing will help you?

Identify what vulnerabilities might by present on your website, Ensure sensitive information is available only to authorized people, Develop trusted security practices, Create a risk management profiles to better understand the motivations and capabilities of adversaries, Improve overall access control.

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