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Cyber Clinic

Northumbria Cyber Clinic Services

We work very closely with the Cyber police in North-East England and support them in their work.
Under Northumbria Cyber Clinic (now online), we provide an avenue for students to learn and practice skills that are related to penetration testing and ethical hacking using Kali Linux during Wednesday afternoons of term time. We explore using digital forensics tools as well. The cyber clinic would be able to provide consultancy services to businesses in Newcastle and beyond 

so that they can mitigate any information security risk they unknowingly possess.

From custom vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to incident response,

NU Cyber Clinic can be trusted to deliver managed security solutions for wide-ranging business needs.

NU Cyber clinic’s dedicated team of security analysts, researchers, and ethical hackers are trained to ensure that we would be able to provide excellent services to aid businesses to defend against the latest cyber threats.

NOTE: We are currently collaborating with North East Business Resilience Center (NEBRC - and most of the work will be done through this collaborative work.

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Business Meeting
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Cyber Clinic, CIS Building, Northumbria University, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8ST

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We are doing a number of cybersecurity research that can provide software security solutions to business organisations. They are powered by AI (i.e. optimised machine learning and deep learning) and can deliver very accurate attack detection results. 

The web application penetration testing aims to identify the vulnerabilities and flaws in your web server, based on university guidelines. We can provide an extended report after the completed testing along with recommendations on what can be done to prevent any possible active attacks.

Business growth, IT obsolescence and new technology trends mean that every organisation’s attack surface is constantly changing. Understanding and keeping on top of new security exposures is therefore is essential for any organization. We understand not all the organizations can afford to pay large sum of money to assess their networks. Therefore we offer vulnerability assessments to organizations, based on university guidelines.

Choose the training that best aligns with your security and business strategy or talk to us about customized training solutions in security, which can be delivered based on university guidelines. We currently do not offer this due to Covid-19, though we have an online Cyber Clinic running every week during term time.

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